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Ascent to the gods: A Trip to Machu Picchu, Peru
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41 Sets Sizzle Reel

This week we were very excited to be shooting a sizzle reel for 41 Sets. It is for a building process show that will show how movie magic is created via set design. 41 Sets produces for television, film and commercials and you've seen their work for over 15 years in Hollywood. This sizzle is being produced by the creators of Naked Dating which is a reality show that is currently airing on MTV. A special thank you to everyone who worked on this project to help make it happen!

Anguilla Day 2

Today was our free day and we were so excited to see what Anguilla and Zemi Beach had to offer! We went to Shoal Beach that is located directly off our hotel and according to MSN, this is the #1 beach in the entire Caribbean! Much of the day was also spent at one of the pools that even has one side made entirely of glass! Tomorrow, we are beginning our editorial shoot so we are also preparing for the next two days of work. Fun in the sun, snorkeling, kayaking and stand up boarding, a great vegan dinner and to bed!

Anguilla, British West Indies

We're on our way to Anguilla, British West Indies, not to be confused with Antigua which is pretty close by. We're also stopping in Sint Maarten which is a part of the Republic of the Netherlands. We traveled through the night and by morning we arrived in beautiful Sint Maarten! After a short jaunt across the bay, we were in Anguilla. We were hosted by Zemi Beach House and were warmly greeted there with Mawby Twist, a fruity drink made from the root of the Mawby Tree.
Anguilla has some of the most beautiful beaches the Caribbean has to offer and we're looking forward to a free day tomorrow to explore, snorkel and see what this beautiful island has to offer!

Anguilla and St. Barts

We are looking forward to traveling to the Caribbean island of Anguilla next month with VIVA GLAM Magazine. Here, we'll be shooting a men's fashion editorial and exploring this exotic, tropical island that is known for its crystal clear waters and warm, balmy weather. Anguilla is located in the British Virgin Islands and we will be guests of Allure Plus Travel. A perfect getaway for summer!

A Palm Springs Weekend

We had the opportunity to go back to the Hyatt Indian Wells, Palm Springs where we shot a commercial a few months ago. Although it was hot, we had a great time and stayed in a beautiful villa complete with butler! The weekend went by too fast and we only wished we could stay longer!

Counter Intelligence

August 2016. This month I had the pleasure of shooting the film, "Counter Intelligence". I play a government agent in this comedy/drama that was shot here in Los Angeles. A special thank you to a great cast and crew!

A Night Out

Tonight we went to Couture in Hollywood to support a friend of ours who is the lead singer of a band. Mike Orth is such a talented and smart individual and his music was off the charts! In addition, we also listened to Stephen Bradley of No Doubt perform his new album, Runaways. We dined on curried pumpkin, jasmine rice and vegan burgers. Everyone had a great time and it was the perfect summertime evening in Hollywood!

Guadalajara Day Dos

Here we are on day 2 of our trip to Guadalajara. We visited several more distilleries to create Imperio Real Tequila. We had time to walk through the blue agave fields and also had some R & R by the pool. One great find was cactus fruit, tunas, which we had every morning for breakfast. Tomorrow, a trip to Guadalajara Cathedral and to view the ancient architecture of this beautiful city!
See the article in Viva Glam magazine

Guadalajara Day Uno

This week we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Guadalajara on business. After flying all night, we literally stepped off the plane and went to 10 hours of meetings for a new tequila brand that we are creating. At the distilleries, we learned all about the process of making tequila. Afterwards, we enjoyed authentic Mexican cuisine that included homemade chips, salsa, queso blanco and a fresh chocolate blanco torte with blackberries.
The most exciting thing that has happened so far is the earthquake that we experienced on the way to the hotel. The car began to move sideways and we wondered why until we saw people running out of buildings into the street! Just another day of fun and excitement in Guadalajara!
Tomorrow, we are visiting the town of Tototlan and also seeing some of the ancient architecture that has made Guadalajara the second most visited city in Mexico! But tonight, a good night's rest in our hotel that is known because it is also a museum, Hotel Demetria.
See the article in Viva Glam magazine

HBO's Confessions of a Hollywood Bartender
HBO's Confessions of a Hollywood Bartender
Last night we had the pleasure of attending the premiere for HBO's "Confessions of a Hollywood Bartender" at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. Candace has a supporting role in this pilot that was created by the producers of "The Sopranos" and "Boardwalk Empire". It was an amazing evening and we were proud to walk the red carpet at such an historic theater. Formerly Graumann's Chinese Theater, this venue has been the location for many illustrious premieres during the Golden Age of Hollywood!

Palm Springs Coachella 2016
Believe it or not, we've somehow gone to Palm Springs during Coachella twice in a row. This time, I booked a print campaign for a country club and we were literally 3 miles down the road from the festival! We had a great time on the set and off and met wonderful people. Time off included swimming as it was nearly 100 degrees each day, perusing Coachella and people watching! And as it was our anniversary, we enjoyed this trip as a celebration as well!

Red Cotton Denim
We are very excited to be working with Camillo Love of Red Cotton Denim. Camillo is a jeans designer that creates his pants by hand, one at a time. These hand crafted jeans were born out of Love's limited options of jeans that would fit his 6'5" frame. With no official training, he learned how to make patterns and sew these artisanal jeans that are custom fitted to the individual.
We visited his downtown studio this morning and are proud to feature Red Cotton Denim in our editorial that will be shot in Dubai.
To learn more about Red Cotton Denim, visit their official website: www.redcottondenim.com

Guadalajara, Mexico
We are excited to be traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico in the next few weeks and are especially interested in seeing the architecture this city is so famous for! More to come!

Happy Easter: The Edmonton Oilers vs. The LA Kings
We had the pleasure of celebrating Easter with our friends at VIVA GLAM Magazine at the Los Angeles Staples Center. We had an amazing suite and watched the Edmonton Oilers vs. The LA Kings. The repast was wonderful and graciously included salmon, chicken, salads, Chinese food, wine, champagne, dessert, basically anything you could dream up, it was there. In fact, I don't think we'll ever be able to go to another sports event in traditional seats, lol! With our own flat screen TV, comfortable couches and attendants on call, this was definitely the way to do the Staples Center. A special thank you to VIVA GLAM Magazine for making this Easter celebration so special!

Toys for Tots
Doug and Candace had the pleasure of hosting a Toys for Tots Charity drive at Avalon in Hollywood, CA. Hundreds of toys were donated to this worthy cause for the holidays! To learn more about Toys For Tots, visit their official website: www.toysfortots.org

Costa Rica
Currently, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world is Costa Rica. With its eco-friendly tourism, dense tropical jungles, nightlife, surfing, museums, shopping and fine dining, Costa Rica has just about everything to offer the discerning traveler. And what also attracts many to Costa Rica is much of this can be done luxuriously. So, with luxury in mind, we had the opportunity to travel to this unique, exotic destination and spent a week exploring all that Costa Rica has to offer.

Our first destination was Los Suenos, which is located a quick, one hour drive from San Jose, the country's capital. We drove through lush, dense tropical forest as we made our way to Los Suenos. We passed tourist favorite, Jaco Beach, which is known for its party-like atmosphere, nightclubs and friendly locals. And we travelled over "Crocodile Bridge" which is a tourist favorite as several large crocodiles loom underneath and call this bridge home.

Within an hour we were in gorgeous Los Suenos and we were greeted by lovely gift baskets that contained fresh, local fruit, dark chocolate and rich coffee!

Visitors come from all over the world to sky dive, zip line over the cloud forest, explore the jungles, snorkel and dive, horseback ride, go on a sunset cruise, golf, bike, rappel, paddle board, experience white water rafting, go to a futbol game, whale watching and so much more!

With so much at our fingertips, we decided to rest and then head to the local harbor for dinner. Our first meal consisted of traditional Costa Rican cuisine that included black beans, rice and succulent plantain bananas. We also marveled at the array of fresh fruits that were always available to us. Fresh papaya, mango, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, coconut and cantaloupe were delivered to us each morning!

Back at our residence, we enjoyed the colorful macaws that flew by in pairs and iguanas that calmly sunned themselves in the grass.

The next morning, we went on a short drive to Manuel Antonio that is located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is best known for the Manuel Antonio National Park where tourists come each year by the thousands to see howler monkeys, coatimundi, agouti, sloths, parrots and other jungle creatures that live in this dense, tropical paradise.

We were staying at Hotel Shana that is one of the premiere hotels in this area. This exclusive lifestyle boutique hotel embraces Costa Rican culture and showcases the local beauty in a natural environment. With 27 rooms that all have garden and ocean views, you are guaranteed both a unique and exclusive travel experience. And less than a mile from the National Park, it is also close to restaurants, shops and local artisans that display their wares in town. If you like home made jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings, the charming town of Manuel Antonio is for you. Also, painters and wood carvers display their works of art for purchase. These are wonderful, one-of-a-kind tokens to remind you of your trip to paradise.

That evening, we went to a charming restaurant and had local fare that included home made mashed potatoes, freshly caught seafood and creamy flan! It poured rain while we watched from under the canopy. With no walls in this restaurant, it was a sight to both see and hear and we loved truly experiencing a Costa Rican tropical thunderstorm.

Our trip to Costa Rica was over entirely too soon. We were reminded of the local saying, "Pura Vida!" that means Pure Life! It is a pure life indeed, deep within the jungles of Costa Rica!

The Celebrity Issue with Leah Remini
Here we are, less than 8 hours after arriving back from Costa Rica, at the launch of the Celebrity Issue with Leah Remini. Candace slept for 90 minutes before having to get up as we arrived back in the States at 3:30AM this morning!

Needless to say, we are a bit bleary eyed, but here with VIVA GLAM and Leah Remini. This event took place at the Sofitel Hotel in Hollywood, CA. and was being filmed for an episode of TLC's "Leah Remini: It's All Relative". There were pop cakes and Selfiecookies and we sponsored Dream Court, a charity that builds basketball courts in underprivileged areas throughout the US. Basketball star, Nancy Leiberman, was also on hand to talk about Dream Court.

There's a pic of me with "Supernatural" star, Travis Aaron Wade, getting a ride in his new Lamborghini which was the highlight for me! And a great gift bag for Candace!

The Fourth of July
We celebrated the 4th of July this year with VIVA GLAM Magazine at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Everyone was dressed in red, white and blue and we spent the day swimming at the pool which is located at the top of the W. It was great catching up with friends and making new ones!

A Palm Springs Getaway
A special thank you to VIVA GLAM Magazine for allowing us to use their timeshare in Palm Springs this weekend. It was 107 degrees so we ate a ton of shaved ice, floated down the lazy river, bowled at night, watched movies and basically soaked up the sun all weekend long! A great way enjoy summer!

A Disney Anniversary Party
Recently, we had the opportunity to go to a Disney themed anniversary party. We re-used our Halloween costumes from last year so Candace went as Princess Jasmine and I was Captain Jack Sparrow. We played 21, poker, 3 card poker, craps and roulette and even won the raffle! A good time was had by all!

We recently celebrated our anniversary as we have known each other for 22 years now. We celebrated the day by going to church and then visiting our local fair. We played all of the games: Frogger, bb guns, goldfish (we won 3!), basketball and most of the proceeds benefitted the church and grade school. After, we went to get frozen yogurt (which I guess is not that exceptional as we go every week) and to sushi. We had a great day and are thankful and blessed to be in each other's lives each and every day.

Candace and I had the opportunity to work together this month in Palm Springs, CA. We both booked a commercial for the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism as a married couple and traveled to the Hyatt, Indian Wells to shoot for 4 days. The location was beautiful to say the least and we had a bit of extra time to lounge by the pool and catch some much needed rays! The crew was great and we ate entirely too much! Candace's favorite: the chocolate molten lava cake! My favorite: Margarita pizza and french fries!

My Partner
I have known my partner since 1993. Yep, you heard right...1993. We dated for a year and a half when we were younger. But, it was a time in our lives when we were still deciding on who we were and who we chose to be with. Flash forward three divorces later... I realized what I had back then. So, believe it or not, I started a huge campaign to try to reconnect. It ended up taking me five years. And I waited patiently for 5 years for her to respond. Here's the breakdown: 3 years on My Space attempting to reconnect. She ignored me. And a year and a half on Facebook, constantly reaching out and liking her pages and leaving positive comments, she ignored me.

Then, one day I went into my office clicked on my Facebook page and looked at her most recent post. I was almost ready to give up, but something inside of me said not to. As I clicked "like", something told me this was the time. An hour and a half after I reached out, she got back to me. We have been together ever since. I am blessed to have such a wonderful person by my side. She is the Managing Editor of a women's fashion magazine and actress and I am proud to be her partner.

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